MEAN WELL HLG-320H Power Supply Remaining Component Identification

As previously covered in the actual teardown , this HLG-320H was definitely dead. Now that I've slacked off long enough after taking these pictures, let's see what else is inside.

FT-818nd and WSJT-X 2.3.1 Configuration for FT8

Trying to get my FT-818nd working on FT-8 was an adventure. After much poking, then complaining and receiving choice hints on freenode 's ##hamradio, I was able to come to the following conclusions that got me able to both decode and be spotted (no contacts, yet).

Smashdown: True Wireless Earbud Preview

Someone lost a true wireless earbud and a car tire found it first. More digging looks like it'll require me to actually do a macro setup rather than phone-ing around, so here's a preview! Smashed earbud with ear tip, primary board, charger contact board, violently removed SoC, and partially detached lithium battery hanging out.

MEAN WELL HLG-320H Power Supply Actual Teardown and Failure Investigation

Last left off in the preview "teardown" despairing over the potting was my failed MEAN WELL HLG-320H. Then came a great need for mindless stimulation after a day of work and I tried cracking the case again. After the successful prying came picking and cutting away at the potting material to see what's what. Here's what's inside! Image warning: there's a lot to get through this whole device. Click on the photo for the full Blogger resolution. There you go, just a bit more force and the top plate comes off.

MEAN WELL HLG-320H Power Supply "Teardown"

My MEAN WELL HLG-320H -12A power supply recently died. As in just didn't click on with AC power applied. Twiddling the voltage and current limit potentiometers did about nothing. So, what's inside? Wait, it's an IP65 rated device. . .

Antennas4Less HF-319 Initial Impressions (And Going Outside)

I picked up the Antennas4Less HF-319 on a savings deal a couple weeks ago to give me a better option over the MJF-1899T for compact HF operating. With weather outside being excellent this weekend in Wisconsin and wanting to get a little practice in for the Wisconsin QSO party coming up next weekend, I went out with the antenna and my FT-818nd. Operating position in Hoyt Park, Madison, WI

Blog Shoutout: On Microphones

A quick shoutout to a couple of other blogs that have been particularly useful in my pursuit of basic microphone modding and implementations with info on both BM-800 designs and general background on condenser microphone implementations. and other posts relating to things that you can do with microphones.

Bandcamp Friday March 2021

With today being Bandcamp Friday again, it was time to dive in and support some artists in a nice big burst of music purchasing. As a quick link dump, here's what I got. This is absolutely not all that I could have wanted, but is what I got.

Bad Times with a TH901

A less great Newegg find: trying to get the slightly improved capsule from a TH901 over the BM800 with mediocre capsule. A seller was essentially (based on the shipping/returns) selling from an Amazon warehouse to a Newegg storefront. In this case, the wires were terrible torn-up ribbon cables and the XLR was totally scrambled with relation to the board pads. TH901 Surface Mount Side